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Budgies: Love N’ Kisses


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Budgies make pretty awesome pets! They are very active, playful birds, and they are incredibly intelligent.

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These birds make pretty awesome pets! They are very active, playful birds, and they are incredibly intelligent. If you happen to have a pair in your cage, you’ll experience how romantic they are. Many owners of fully tamed budgies will swear that their pet bird thinks it’s a human! Their antics and singing will brighten up any room in your home. And budgies who are not finger tame still can become friendly towards you, and even still learn to talk.`

Budgies make amazing gift for your loved ones

If you are still thinking about what gift to get him or her this valentines, make it special with a pair of budgies. These birds know just how to show love by kissing from time to time. There’s no better way to express love in real life as this.


Some (but not all) budgies learn to talk. Interestingly, there are even some that have a 100+ word vocabulary! Budgies are among the most vocal of all pet bird species, and most budgies can at least say a few words! They also tend to have a greater vocabulary and clearer voices than most other pet birds.

Veterinarians recommend a budgie diet that includes pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables including leafy greens. It’s OK to feed budgies seeds as part of this diet, as long as they’re getting enough nutrients from other foods.


Budgies are the perfect choice for people considering a pet bird. Especially if; you do not have the time, space or budget for a larger bird such as a parrot. Moreover, if you are simply enthralled by their smaller, more manageable cousins, the budgie might be the perfect choice of pet for you.

These birds can be taught to count up to three, and do very basic sums that involve just those three numbers! So if you put three treats in your hand in front of your budgie and only offer them two, they will probably know that they are being short changed!

FUN FACT: Budgies grind their beaks when they are happy and relaxed, similar to cats and purring!

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