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Jeneca® IPF-2453 Submersible pump


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Internal fish tank filter are fully submersible filters that are placed inside your fish tank. Unlike external filters that need to be kept in cabinets or hang on the back of your fish tank. Internal filters are placed right inside your aquarium saving you lots of space in your room and preventing unnecessary clutter.

Internal filters are very easy to set up, small and relatively quiet, they provide excellent filtration while being easy on your wallet.

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Jeneca air pumps have advanced air-compressing system, damping system and multilevel muffler which are extremely low in noise. This Jeneca air pump has special artificial rubber feet to keep a steady air output, to prevent skidding on the surface, and pressure, acquiring best effect with lowest power consumption. One or more air stones can be connected to the pump outlet with a pipe & air divider. It is suitable to be used for air supply for aquarium air curtains and air stones, among others.

Air pumps are a must-have

If you own an aquarium, you’ll know that an aquarium air pump is a highly recommended accessory. An air pump is not essential, but they can be as important and necessary as any other accessories in your aquarium.

With good bubble dispersion, your tank is also assured of adequate air supply. It is excellent for decoration and air supply in all kinds of aquariums and tanks. It is ideal for fresh / tropical and salt water aquariums as well as reptile habitats. The air tubes come in various lengths depending on your fish tank’s specification.
Tips and Tricks:
  1. First, connect the rubber hose to the check valve outlet with a 0.35mm air tube, then connect it to the air pump with 0.35mm air tube and dip it into the water.
  2. Once power on, bubbles can be dispersed immediately.
  3. Over time, after being used for a long time, the pores on the Stone might be clogged, reducing bubble intensity. At this point, immerse it in hot water water for about 8 minutes, then use a brush or cloth to rub the surface slightly.
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