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Jialu UV-C Water Clarifier lamp (LUV-505)


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Does your pond or aquarium have ‘green’ unclear water?

Make a change for the good, make it crystal clear fast with an UV water clarifier! We have a wide selection of submersible and out-of-pond UV clarifiers that will eliminate microscopic algae and clear your pond – usually in less than 1 week.

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The Jialu UV Water clarifier lamp clears/cleans water by killing the microscopic algae that clouds the water. The algae is exposed to ultraviolet light as the pond water is pumped through the UV water clarifier lamp. Consequently, this kills the algae. Over a period of a few days the algae begins to decompose and gets trapped in your filter. In this case, the filter:

  • Reduces micro-organisms and bacteria that causes the water to turn green
  • Helps balance the pond and maintain clean water

Keep your pond water clean and clear all year long

The modular body with three connection points allows you to customize just the right number of UV’s for your total pond volume and flow rate of your pump. Additionally, the clarifiers can be daisy-chained together to give you the maximum clarifying power possible. Importantly, you can easily check the status of the UV bulb inside using each clarifier’s viewing port. Essentially, for best performance, replace bulbs annually.

Features of UV water Clarifier lamps

  • Modular design for daisy-chaining for unlimited water volume clarifying
  • Compact design for easy installation and bulb replacement
  • Three gasketed ports
  • One inlet, one outlet, and one bulb viewing port
  • Weather resistant plastic UV and ballast housing
  • Salted water compatible

For an UV water Clarifier lamp to work properly, two factors must be taken into consideration.

  1. It must be sized correctly to the volume of your pond or tank. If your pond is 3000 gallons, select a UV that is designed for at least 3000 gallons. Always choose a larger unit if possible.
  2. The proper amount of water must be pumped through the UV.

Important things to know for clear pond water

If your pump is too large and water is pumped through the UV too fast, the algae does not have enough contact time with the ultraviolet light and is not killed. If the water is pumped through the UV too slowly, the algae can reproduce in the pond faster than it is being killed by the UV.

Keep in mind that no matter how effective, a UV water clarifier lamp still relies on regular pond maintenance and good husbandry to keep green water at bay. Address the conditions that encourage green water, such as excess nutrients and light, to get the most effective use out of your UV water Clarifier lamp.

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